AGEINCO continues its commitment to digitalization 4.0 with two courses focused on BIM technology and BIG DATA

Continuing with its commitment to training, AGEINCO (Galician Association of Engineering and Consulting Companies) continues, thanks to the support of IGAPE, with its cycle of digitization courses 4.0 at the CESGA headquarters, located in Santiago.

The companies of this association focused their attention this week on the first part of the BIM course and, also, on the Big Data that will continue at the end of August, specifically the 2nd part of the BIM will be on 23 August; while the Big Data one, the 28th.

To start Monday 31 of july, the ten participating companies focused their attention on the relationship between BIM and Big Data. Both workshops were adapted to the needs of the different companies attending with the aim of jointly exploring these possibilities in the framework of digitization 4.0. In the case of the BIM, it is an important essential work tool for these professionals that will be fundamental for their labor relations with the different administrations. Therefore, it has become one of the main training demands requested by the different companies that form AGEINCO. Yesterday Dynamo / Revit was also discussed, as well as practical cases of BIM, a collaborative work methodology to manage construction projects. Its advantage over other traditional models is that it incorporates geometric, time, cost, maintenance and environmental information.

In the case of july 31 with the Big Data, in addition to seeing what this program that refers to data sets consists of, the participating companies, too, could see how they are molded as the company deems appropriate, and analyzed three factors: speed, volume and variety.

AGEINCO (Galician Association of Engineering and Consulting Companies) is an autonomous association that currently includes 26 companies: Adantia, AIN ACTIVE, Aquatica, Ciesa, Cíes Atlántico, Centro Tecnológico Automóvil de Galicia, Eptisa, Fulcrum, Indica, Ingenia, Inor, GTG Ingenieros, Hidria, ICEACSA, Ingeniería Schilling, K2 Ingeniería, Landvey World, Naos Arquitectura, Tecyp, TEMHA, Topcad, Toscaria, TYPSA, SGS Tecnos, Soltec and Urbing.