AGEINCO signs an agreement with the Fundación Obra Social

The objective is to facilitate training for professionals and their families


The Galician Association of Engineering and Consulting Companies (AGEINCO) has just signed an agreement with the Fundación Galicia Obra Social within the framework of the Intercontinental Higher Education Institute of the Company, IESIDE. This framework of collaboration establishes that the professionals of the companies belonging to AGEINCO, as well as their children, will have access to an adequate training activities organized by IESIDE. They will have discounts in tuition fees for all the programs offered by IESIDE, also in training activities designed specifically for AGEINCO, also in those aimed at professionals of the companies of the association. In addition, this agreement also includes a discount on the expenses of the undergraduate and postgraduate programs taught by IESIDE, aimed at the children of these professionals.

This agreement was signed by Carlota Sánchez-Montaña Puga, Institutional Coordinator of the Fundación Galicia Obra Social; and by Marta Gallego Ramos, General Secretary of AGEINCO, at the headquarters of said association in Vigo.

AGEINCO (Galician Association of Engineering and Consulting Companies) is an autonomous association that currently includes 26 companies: Adantia, AIN ACTIVE, Aquatica, Ciesa, Cíes Atlántico, Centro Tecnológico Automóvil de Galicia, Eptisa, Fulcrum, Indica, Ingenia, Inor, GTG Ingenieros, Hidria, ICEACSA, Ingeniería Schilling, K2 Ingeniería, Landvey World, Naos Arquitectura, Tecyp, TEMHA, Topcad, Toscaria, TYPSA, SGS Tecnos, Soltec and Urbing.