AGEINCO shows interest in incorporating CITEEC as a member of the future AGEINCO Cluster

The ETS of Civil Engineers, Canals and Ports of A Coruña hosted the presentation of 4 projects of the Conecta-Peme Program

February 22, 2019. The Galician Association of Engineering, Consulting and Technological Services Companies (AGEINCO) has shown its interest in incorporating the A-CITEEC strategic grouping of the University of A Coruña into the future AGEINCO Cluster, in which constitution works the entity. This has been transmitted by the president of the association, Fernando López Mera, to the A-CITEEC coordinator, Juan R. Rabuñal Dopico, during the presentation day of four research projects of the Connecta-Peme 2018 Program, sponsored by AGEINCO and held this morning at the Higher Technical School of Civil Engineers, Canals and Ports of A Coruña,

López Mera explains that “from AGEINCO we share the objectives with which the strategic grouping of the Center for Technological Innovation in Building and Civil Engineering (A-CITEEC) is born, how to improve and intensify research and knowledge transfer in the field of engineering or to promote the well-being of people, economic development and the optimization of ecosystem services, for which we are interested in incorporating it as a member of our future Cluster AGEINCO “. A transformation that Fernando López describes as “a natural process, a step forward from being an association that only engineering integrates to include other actors in the sector, such as universities, technology centers and certain areas of the Administration”.

The president of the association showed his interest to continue advancing in the incorporation of the strategic grouping A-CITEEC, recently constituted and financed by the Xunta de Galicia, once the elections in the association are celebrated. In this way, the Board of Directors that leaves the elections of the next month of March will be in charge of undertaking the necessary steps for the association to become a Cluster AGEINCO

Projects The day of this morning was inaugurated by the president of AGEINCO, Fernando López Mera, and the deputy director of the School of Civil Engineering of Roads, Canals and Ports of A Coruña, José París López. The director of the ETS of Civil Engineers, Ignasi Colominas, and the coordinator of the A-CITEEC Strategic Group, Juan R. Rabuñal Dopico, were in charge of the closure.

During the day four research projects were presented that will be developed by other consortiums of Galician companies, in collaboration with a technology center. Some projects that have an accumulated budget of more than 4 million euros, of which 50% is subsidized by FEDER funds, managed by the Xunta de Galicia through the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN).

These four projects, which were selected as innovative proposals in line with the objectives of sustainable development, are:

• PRET-A-BICO: Development of a lightweight, high-performance prefabricated partitioning system by Construcciones López Cao, Naos 04 Arquitectos and Galaicontrol.
• EMTYS: Thermal multiprocess equipment and CFD and DES simulation for use in defrosting, tempering, cooking and sterilization processes in the food sector, Tacore, Citega, Soltec Ingenieros and Sdea Solutions.
• MODUL: Integral modularity for the installation of 100% renewable energy systems in remote locations, in Norvento (Distributed Energy, Engineering and Ned Factory divisions), TEMHA and Ártabro Samdeu.

FLOMAR: New methodologies and designs for the manufacture of breakwaters and floating pontoons of concrete, Aquatics Civil Engineering, Innovation and Concrete and Ronáutica Quality Marinas