ANFACO-CECOPESCA and AGEINCO will deepen the relationships between the engineering and marine-food sectors

Juan Manuel Vieites stars in the last AGEINCO Tribune of 2018, a forum that reorients its objectives to reflect the transversality of Galician engineering

December 13, 2018.- ANFACO-CECOPESCA and the Galician Association of Engineering, Consulting and Technological Services Companies (AGEINCO) will deepen in the relations of the companies of their respective sectors: that of engineering and that of the sea-industry complex.

It is one of the main conclusions of the last AGEINCO Tribune of 2018, which this afternoon led the general secretary of ANFACO-CECOPESCA, and also president of the Inter-Sectoral Technology Alliance of Galicia (ATIGA), Juan Manuel Vieites, together with the commercial director of the company HERMASA, Adrián Carril. In this forum they were accompanied, among others, by the president of ANFACO-CECOPESCA, Juan Manuel Cerqueira, and by the president and vice president of AGEINCO, Fernando López Mera and Daniel Prieto Renda.

Joint meeting in 2019

Both entities have agreed to hold a meeting in 2019, the year in which ANFACO-CECOPESCA will reach its 115th anniversary, to learn more about the activities carried out by the various companies associated with each one of them and thus enhance collaboration channels. This exchange is necessary when we see that sometimes companies from the sea-industry complex do not know that there are firms in Galicia that can give them engineering services that they are now looking for in other markets.

Today’s Tribune is precisely framed within the steps taken by AGEINCO to become a cluster, so that the contents of these meetings are reoriented to reflect the transversality that characterizes Galician engineering and their ability to provide service in various sectors of the economy . In the case of the sea-industry complex, Juan Manuel Vieites explained that the field of R + D + i is one of the areas of greatest interest in collaboration. In fact, several of the companies belonging to AGEINCO are already developing projects in areas such as aquaculture, purification of waters or technical quality controls that canneries require. Vieites believes that Galicia “has to promote its enormous talent, before which we expect the collaboration of the Administration”.

Juan Manuel Cerqueira pointed to the growing interest of the integrated industries in the organization he presides over: “at the beginning, years ago, we had to do everything ourselves, until engineering companies began to appear that facilitated practically all the processes”.

In this line, the commercial director of HERMASA, Adrián Carril, commented on the high degree of development of the engineering companies in the sector: “there is no canning factory in the world where there is no machine made in Galicia”, he described .

The support of technology centers

Another aspect discussed in the meeting today is the process of AGEINCO to become a cluster. In this way, and as president of the Inter-Sectoral Technology Alliance of Galicia (ATIGA), Juan Manuel Vieites pointed out the relevance of associating with technology centers. “They are an invaluable support especially for small and medium enterprises,” he said. At the same time, he explained that these centers are fundamental for generating trust in the business world. In the case of ATIGA, he stressed that one of the foundations of its success is being associated with six technology centers, of which five are located in Vigo