Inteco Ingeniería Avanzada, S.L.

(Español) Calle Marín 30 oficinas 8 y 9 36209 Vigo (Pontevedra)
(Español) 986 493 459


Inteco Ingeniería Avanzada is a company dedicated to the development of management software tools and solutions for the business sector.

Born in 1999 as a company oriented to the realization of tailor-made programs for the Industrial sector, trying to cover a market niche composed of small and medium companies that need customized management systems and have few resources to contract with large development companies of software.

In the corporate purpose of the company consists of all kinds of activities related to engineering, such as: advice and implementation of industrial projects and information and advice on all types of information systems and business management. Development of computer systems for business planning and management and the like. Research and development of new technologies and products.

Currently, Inteco is divided into two different areas of engineering. On the one hand, it puts its effort into the realization of business management products (ERP) and loyalty systems; and offers customized programming services for the rapid completion of projects (Inteco Metrix) for all types of companies. On the other hand, it focuses on civil engineering projects and industrial facilities, such as civil works, realization of projects to obtain activity licenses, technical sheets … and obtain technical certificates, reform, modernization and legalization of facilities.

It has an important team of programmers and engineers who put their maximum effort and dedication in achieving effective and cutting-edge solutions for customers and the market