Ageinco offers the following services to all its associates:


  • Representation and defence of Engineering, Consulting and Technological Services sector interests.
  • Meeting point for companies and the promotion of consortiums and economies of scale.
  • Relations with International Associations (EFCA, FIDIC y FEPAC), Professional Bodies, and Universities.


  • Create a culture of common purpose.
  • Achieve fluid labour relations by contributing along with the unions to the protection of salaries and economic interests.
  • Promotional campaigns to improve the image of the sector.


  • Daily news bulletin regarding:
  • Up to date information and statistics regarding limitation, openings and adjudications of the main contracting Ministries.
  • New sector legislation.
  • Specific sector studies and price analysis.
  • Job offers and requests.
  • Business opportunities.
  • Bimonthly magazine with the most relevant sector news.
  • Website with private area for Associates.
  • Library.
  • Daily press dossier.
  • Strategic sector analysis bulletin.